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Spa Service


The luxurious Spa service is only available for original Artipoppe products and includes the following:

Careful washing and ironing.
Repairs on hems.
Replacement of labels.
Full check on safety.
Repair of minor pulls.
Other minor repairs if necessary.
New packaging.

Before we start working on your wrap or ring sling, we will provide an indication of the state of the product and the expected state after the Spa service.
Your product will return to you with a certificate of the work done.

After placing your order, please send your item to:
Artipoppe, Nieuwe Rijksweg 66C, 4128 BN Lexmond, The Netherlands. 
Read more about shipping products for service across EU borders. 

Please note:
Spa service may take up to 4 weeks from receivement of your parcel.
An Artipoppe wrap is a functional item and is meant to be used. We cannot restore all signs of wear and tear.
We cannot restore felted wraps or other damage that has occurred due to mistreatment of your wrap.

SPA Service
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SPA ServiceSPA Service