Argus Signature Vicuña


52% vicuña
48% cotton
Jacquard woven
Made in the Netherlands


Vicuña hair is the rarest and finest animal fibre in the world, famous for it's warmth and softness. The Vicuña is a wild camelid from the high areas of the Andes, South America. The Vicuña is a protected animal and we only source yarns from suppliers certified by CITES.

Egyptian cotton is the longest-staple cotton available. We use only the best Egyptian cotton, which is soft and strong and guarantees a long life. The cotton is handpicked and roller ginned in order to preserve its unique fiber characteristics.

The combination of the world’s most luxurious yarns stands for a soft, strong and exquisite wrap that can be used from birth for as long as desired by both parent and child.

Argus Signature Vicuña
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Argus Signature VicuñaArgus Signature Vicuña
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